In the Library…

I love libraries.  The peaceful order of the library is something marvelous – everything has a place.  The rows and rows of books hold so much potential – so much can be learned through books.

In high school, I knew my way around the library. Granted, it wasn’t very large, but it got the job done, and if you needed a book, there was, generally, a good chance I could find it for you, or at least point you in the right direction. I would check out the maximum number of books and devour them as quickly as I could, always eager to read more.  It was not uncommon to see me walking down the hallways with a teetering stack of books.

At home I would oftentimes sit outside under a tree in my yard and read for hours, enjoying the turning of the page and the fresh air and sunlight. My favorite genres are probably historical fiction and biographies, but I like almost anything.  In fact, I am determined to build up my own library, and already have a fair start, if I do say so myself.

One of the things that I was really anticipating throughout high school whenever I thought about my time at Michigan State was the immense library. Four floors, two wings – this library is absolutely huge.  The possibilities are endless.  Any book I could ever want to read, the library has (or at least has a way to get). Naturally I was very excited at this prospect.

However, when, for the first time, I set about the task of actually finding a specific book in the MSU main library, I quickly became overwhelmed.  Where on Earth should I start? There are so many books!

Feeling helpless, I went to the main reference desk and they graciously pointed me in the right direction. I took the elevator up to the third floor of the east wing, and used the floor map to find my way around. Walking among the shelves, I encountered something unusual – there were often several shelves pushed right up against each other, making it impossible to access the books.  Unsure, I looked down – finding buttons on the shelves! Cautiously, I pushed one and the entire shelf moved!

Now, this may not sound like much to most people, but I certainly had never encountered a library with moving shelves before.  To me, this was quite an anomaly, and certainly worth remarking.

So, once I got over the astonishment, I retrieved my book and left the library, ready to study to my heart’s content.

Now, I don’t get as excited about moving shelves anymore whenever I enter the library. However, I do still marvel at the vast amount of resources available at my fingertips, and feel very thankful for the opportunity to study at Michigan State University. It truly is an amazing opportunity, and I am very thankful that my family is supportive of my dreams of a higher education.


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