With the end of the semester approaching quickly, I find myself mildly astonished that the first year of my college career is nearly half over. Excuse the cliché, but time really does fly.  It seems as if I just moved into my dorm room a week ago, anxious to dive into a new experience – and a new experience is certainly what I got.

Everything here is completely different from home – the food, the classes, the people. You name it, it’s probably different, and different can be difficult.  It came as a shock to me when I discovered that maybe I wasn’t quite ready to adjust to all of those changes as I had thought I would be.

As a result, in my first weeks here, I found myself desperately missing home – the quiet nights, the animals, and most of all, my family. I wanted something, anything, to just be the same as it had always been – so I went home as soon as I possibly could.  I worked in the barns with a kind of crazed excitement – here was something that hadn’t changed!  The cows still were fed and milked at the same time; they still looked and sounded the same. It was so nice to be home that I found myself wishing that I didn’t have to leave, that I didn’t have to come back to school. I was half-tempted to just stay at home and ignore the scary unknowns of college, to keep living life the way I always had.

As you know, I did not choose to simply stay at home and run from all things new.  If I had, I wouldn’t be writing this.  I am following my dream of studying at MSU, and enjoying most of it.  Change, while certainly not easy, can be good.  I still miss home and my family (and I’m sure I always will), but I feel as if I get a little stronger from the tiny triumphs of each day – finding a book in the library, taking a new way to class (and not getting lost), turning in that big project.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have a lot to learn, but if there is one thing that college has taught me so far, it’s the knowledge that I have the ability to meet change and come out for the better.


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