I can officially say the last two weeks of my life have been the most bizarre time of my life. Difficult classes, friend issues, roommate drama, plus random conversations with other college students up at 8:00 in the morning on a Saturday (albeit, for a very different reason than I had myself) all add up to a whirlwind of an experience.

In my RCAH (for those of you who don’t know, RCAH stands for Residential College in the Arts and Humanities) classes, culture is a big theme. We’re constantly discussing culture – what is it, where is it, how is it important, how does it affect our lives? Now, I don’t claim to have an answer to these questions, but I do certainly agree with the idea that there are a myriad of cultures – and I’m almost positive I’ve been exposed to many more than I ever thought existed since I’ve been at college.

Growing up in a town so small that most people wouldn’t even consider it a town, I have been used to people thinking, acting, and talking like I do – people who share the same culture. However, at a university of tens of thousands of students, that is most certainly not the case. I go to sleep early while some kids seem to hardly sleep at all; I speak English while some students speak Chinese or French; I grew up on a farm while some people don’t know where the food that stocks grocery stores shelves comes from.

These last two weeks have been a challenge for me, and have further emphasized the differences between myself and other students that I felt the first week. However, despite our incredibly differing home cultures, we all share a kind of college culture. We all talk about professors and classes and cafeteria food. We all are having new experiences and meeting new people.

Somehow, we all fit under the titles of Spartan, student, and human. Bizarre.


2 thoughts on “Bizarre

  1. Reading this post compels me in so many ways. I feel motivated to continue recruiting a more diverse class of RCAH students every year. Diversity in race and ethnicity, yes. But also a diversity in gender, geography, socio-economic background, and anything else you can imagine! Not only does it create for a bizarre experience as the student… but it informs your own behavior, and either affirms or changes the road that you are heading down.

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