The Sophomore Slump

It’s been a rough week. No, scratch that – it’s been a rough month. Apparently, I’m in the midst of the infamous “sophomore slump,” a time filled with homework, stress and confusion about where my life is heading. Or at least that’s what my roommate tells me. I won’t argue, partly because that gives me an excuse to keep eating chocolate and watching animated Disney movies on Netflix, but mostly because she’s probably right.

In the month that I’ve been away from home, I’ve survived my midterm exams, started my new job as a tutor, conducted countless interviews with people around campus for my journalism class, and tackled a whole lot of other mundane, school-related stuff.

Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I absolutely love MSU (go green!). I truly believe it is the best possible place for me to be, and unless Hogwarts suddenly becomes real, I honestly do not want to go to school anywhere else.

Still, it certainly isn’t as easy as I’d anticipated. I remember a number of people assuring me how great college was, how much I’d love it, how cool all the clubs were. But here’s the thing: everyone conveniently left out that college can be really hard.

Nobody told me that your weekends aren’t really for relaxing as much as they’re for catching up on homework. Nobody mentioned that what really might get the best of you is not a catastrophic disaster, but the combination of a bunch of little things, like when the brakes on your bike stop working from the cold and your professor randomly assigns two extra chapters of reading, due next class.

I mean, I guess I knew that it would be difficult. They say nothing worth having ever comes easily. But when you spend six out of seven nights a week in tears, you can’t help but think that something’s just got to give. Right?

And give it did.

What ended up halting my self-pity party was a letter from my older sister. In it was a delightful note that reminded me of exactly why I’m doing all these crazy things – like working two jobs and volunteering while taking two writing-intensive majors – and why, someday, it’s going to be worth it.

But until that fabulous day when all is right in my world, I’ll do my best to try to keep things in perspective. I’ll spend time with my family, eat delicious food and joyfully neglect my email over Thanksgiving Break. I’ll count the days till the end of this semester, take a bit of time to listen to One Direction, and just stop worrying, because, really, it all is going to be OK.


One thought on “The Sophomore Slump

  1. So true; I remember spending many a weekend camped out at the library in the most remote location I could find to study. College is hard work! But perhaps you deserve to ease up on yourself a bit? Sounds like you’ve taken a lot on. You don’t have to slay all the dragons at once 🙂 See you at Thanksgiving.

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