In Person with Carolyn Gage

The RCAH Center for Poetry at MSU

By Kelsey Block

The RCAH Center for Poetry was pleased to welcome Lesbian Feminist Playwright Carolyn Gage to East Lansing last week. During her visit, Gage visited several classes, conducted her workshop, “Interrupting Racism,” and gave performances of her work.

Gage, 61, said she has been performing since the 1980s. She described the year 1986 in particular as “an explosion of creativity.” In order to become an artist, she said that she had to know her own history to discover her voice and her vision, which she did that year.

“I recovered my memories and realized I was an incest survivor, and I also realized I was a lesbian and I realized I was an artist,” she said. “I was 32 years old. For me to realize all of those identities, I had to have reached a certain level of independence and maturity. That was a huge year for me…

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