College Resources

Hey everyone! As you can tell from my blog posts, one of my main goals in writing Cows2College has been to provide advice that can help other students make the big adjustment to college life. I firmly believe that a solid education is the most important thing a person can achieve as it is something that can never, ever be taken away from you. I really do hope that the experiences I’ve shared in Cows2College will help students to avoid some of the biggest bumps and bruises that inevitably come with the learning of new things. Learning should not be a comfortable process, but it doesn’t have to be a knock-down, drag out fight either.

Therefore, I’m excited to share with you all that I’m now working with a company that helps students get that important information that can make one of the biggest decisions of your life just a little bit easier. has a ton of resources for people interested in higher education. You can search for schools and get insider advice on everything from admissions to books to classes. They also have tips on how to pay for college and information on the different types of financial aid.

Basically, these guys have the tips on what to do to get into college, and I’ve got some advice on what to do once you get there. Enjoy!


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