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Local horse trainer to compete at regional level

Watch the video above to learn more about Ruth, her students, and Stapleton Farm.


LESLIE, MI – A local horse trainer is moving on to compete at a regional level after she and her horse qualified at the Indy Classic last weekend. Ruth Hill-Schorsch, owner of Stapleton Farm, and her horse, Legs, will head to Kentucky to compete in the Region Two Dressage Championships in October.

The 33-year-old horse trainer says she began riding as a child, which eventually led to a love for training.

“A good trainer will know their horse’s rhythms and plan for that with the competitions,” Hill-Schorsch said.

“My husband and I bought sixteen acres of farmland and started from the ground up,” she said. Right now, Stapleton Farm is full to capacity, housing approximately 30 horses. Hill-Schorsch said she has no plans to expand, but would like to continue working with the horses and riders she has. Hill-Schorsch teaches approximately 25 lessons a week in the summer months, but the number swells up to 40 when Michigan State University is in session.

Stapleton Farm offers several equestrian services, including boarding, training, lessons, and sales.


Stapleton Farm is home to thirty horses used for a variety of purposes, from lessons to boarding.

Stapleton Farm is home to 30 horses used for a variety of purposes, from lessons to boarding. Owner Ruth Hill-Schorsch and her husband bought the property when it was a 16-acre bean field and have  since built several barns and a home.

To learn more about Stapleton Farm, click here.

A majority of Hill-Schorsch’s students are college students. She says she also has several students who are parents who used to help care for their children’s horses and who now want to learn to ride for themselves.


Stapleton Chart 1

Ruth comments on a student's riding during a lesson.

Ruth comments on a student’s riding during a lesson.


Stapleton Farms houses a variety of horses for different purposes. Most of them are boarded horses, housed there by their owners for a fee.

Stapleton Chart 2

A day in the life of a barn manager

Watch the video above to hear Ruth’s nighttime barn manager, Erin Schafer, talk about her love for horses and her own small operation.


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